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The Jesson 5

The Jesson 5 (made up from Nathan Jesson and Doug Anderson) have really shown that they can play well. Ask any one of them and they will tell you that they are probably the best team in the A.F.A. League. If anyone has left their mark on the Fraquetball Association, it is them. They have one league championship, and more recently won the Galapagos Division Title, as well as a northern conference title, and a regular season Eastern Conference title. They have a career record of 52-32, second in team career victories when they disbanded.

The Gentle Giants

Sean Keith and Cameron Beitler formulate this awesome, hard hitting team. When it comes to size, they take the taco. Their playing ability is great also.This team definetely has made improvements, and has learned how to cooperate. They have won three of the four Fraquetball Championships, and in the 03 Fall season they won the eastern conference championship, and then lost to the Championship to the Jesson 5. They have a career record of 63-12, first in team career victories, and they're the only team to have 60 wins. They are easily the most dominant team in Fraquetball history. Except for maybe the Washington Bullets.

Los Geezers

Tim Leone-Getten and Leo Bickelhaupt. Los Geezers are what you could call, an "old" team. The word goes both ways. They have been a team since the beginning, and are also considerably older than their opponents. Despite this depressing fact, they demonstrate good playing skills on the court. In the original tournament they first beat Jew Live Crew, then Seeman, before losing in the final to Gentle Giants. The next year they were 7-1, first in the conference. But in the Conference finals, they lost to Jesson 5. The next season they went 6-4, without getting to the playoffs. The year after that they were 11-7, but still didn't make the playoffs. Finally, after an 8-5 season they finished third in the conference, making the playoffs. But they lost in the first round to Laffy Taffy. And being teachers, they returned the next year, for a fantastic 9-2 regular season. Problem is they were swept in the first round by Fetal Attraction. The story of losing in the first round of the playoffs became even more familiar to the Geezers, it happened to them each of the next three years. In 2011 they finally broke through, making it to the finals. Back in the finals for the first time in over eight years, this time things were different. Los Geezers defeated Sassy Moua to win the championship for the first time. About time. 

Mexico City Sombreros

Gus Olsen and Liam Shramko are one of the best teams in Fraquetball history. They had a career record of 23-11. In the 03 Winter Season, advanced to the semifinals, before being eliminated by Gentle Giants. They won the Northern Conference championship the following season, after defeating Jesson 5,3-2 in the conference championship.

The Losers

Tim Fiero and Jaime Avila's team might go down as an enigma in Fraquetball history. The Losers career record is 30-12 But in the 04-05 season, after finishing 14-4, they gave no effort in the playoffs, being eliminated by Alpha Numericals Revisited in the first round. The next year they were almost unbeatable the entire season, going 12-1. They beat Fetal Attraction in a closely contested semifinal. It was the first time either of them had won a playoff series. Then they fell victum to Laffy Taffy, being easily dismissed 4-1.

Laffy Taffy

Jose Garcia and Maritza Richardson were first Muffins, in the 04-05 season, before changing their name to Laffy Taffy. Their career record is 26-17. In the 04-05 season, they finished 8-10, fifth in the conference. But the following year, they were 9-4, second in the conference, clinching a playoff spot. But Maritza was unable to play in the playoffs, and was replaced by Duane Buck, a rookie. In the first round they bested Los Geezers. In the second round they were the underdog against Jesson 5, but managed to eke out a victory. And in the finals they defeated The Losers with surprising ease, 4-1.


Jose Garcia and Jaime Avila formed possibly the most intimidating duo in Fraquetball history. While they only played one season together, they went 19-4, the third best single season winning percentage, behind only two different Gentle Giants seasons. They were 10-1 during the regular season, and won the quarterfinals with ease to advance to the next round. There they met Hat Trick, who had delivered their only loss during the regular season. But Chivas capitalized on Hat Trick's mistakes, and narrowly won the series, 3-2. Then Chivas defeated Fetal Attraction 4-1 in the finals.

Fetal Attraction

Liam Shramko and Andrew Hoaglund were 38-24 all time, and were constantly a force to be reckoned with in the Fraquetball world. In 2005, their first season together, they went 14-4, winning the conference with a comfortable three game margin. Liam was the unanimous MVP. Though they were swept by Jesson 5 in the semifinals, Fetal Attraction came back the next year. They went 8-5, and were the only team to beat The Losers during the regular season, but lost in the semifinals 3-1 against them. The next year Liam and Andrew were both Seniors, and they started the season 7-2. Then Andrew quit the team with Liam's permission, and was replaced by Brandon Malone, and finished the season 7-4. But they swept Los Geezers in the quarterfinals, swept 1 and a Half Mexicans in the semis, but fell to Chivas in the finals.

Hat Trick!

John Knapp and Gryphon Larson dominated their last two years in the league. Finishing their career together on a 33 game win streak (longest in history), in which time they won two championships, Hat Trick! set and broke their own records time and again. They made the playoffs each of the five years they played together. However, forever will a shadow be cast upon this team due to their lack of compitition. The duo never won a playoff series against any of the teams listed above. Despite the criticism, Hat Trick will go down in history second only to the Gentle Giants.

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